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​​We here at AAA Fast Construction, the best masonry contractors in Kansas City, get a lot of inquiries as to what is tuckpointing and when should it be performed. We thought that the best way to show off our masonry knowledge is to answer these two questions in as much detail here, in an in-depth Top 10 List using masonry and construction sources that we trust. This way you can be confident in recognizing the signs of wear and tear in your structure and contact a qualified mason immediately to repair your project without damaging it.

Reading this quick guide will not only give you information on the process of tuckpointing, but will also help you know what to expect so you don't get overcharged by dishonest masons. They do exist.

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Good news. Actually, great news. You know that dream home upgrade you’ve always wanted? The one you always thought would actually lose you money when it came time to sell your home? Well right now in 2017 and 2018, it’s a “Seller’s Market.” Meaning...

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